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Bye bye blogspot

Intestinal Milkshake has got a new official website !!!


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Visceral Throne

Hello, How are you ? Thanks for this interview

Pretty damned good. We're happy to do it.

Visceral Throne is a recent band only formed in 2009. It's though well busy. Could you describe the band briefly for those who might not know you ?

Visceral Throne is a brutal death metal band from Evansville, IN, in an area where there aren't even any death metal bands, let alone a BRUTAL death metal band. We are a brutal death metal band that doesn't try to be the most brutal or the fastest, but tries to write the best, infectious, memorable tunes.

Where does the band name come from? Who got the idea ?

The band name is a symbol for our lyrical themes and philosophical ideas. We believe that man rules the throne of man, and not a god or gods. And so, Visceral Throne would be a representation of human beings holding the throne of humanity. The band name was Andrew's idea.

Can you explain how did Visceral Throne manage to be so advanced after such a short time? What's your secret?

Well I suppose the answer to that is either that people really like our tunes or sheer luck. We wrote a 2 song demo and went into record and everything else kinda took care of itself. I wish I knew the secret that way I could apply it to all my other music projects. HAHA.

What's the message behind your music ? Who writes the lyrics?

The message behind the lyrics is to try and get people to think for themselves. Each song has an individual message I want to portray to people. For example, the song Ignorant Persistence is about how despite the scientific achievements we've acheived as mankind, the majority of humanity wants to cling onto a god or their gods. I try not to stay on the same topic too much too. So all our lyrics aren't necessarily about religion. Some are about the corruption of mankind as well. Also, Andrew writes the lyrics, as well as all the music.

What are your future projects with Visceral Throne ? Is there something you'd like, you'd hope for but which isn't planned yet?

Well we are going to record our first full length this summer. After that it will be released on Brutal Bands. After that, there will be a lot of touring and fests. Possibly some overseas events. Only time will tell.

From April 2010 you have 4 tour dates for the moment. What are your hopes for that? What's your feeling about those?

Well a lot fo the shows we are doing at the moment are local, as we have seemed to create quite a following here in Evansville, IN. But we are also playing the Mid American Metalfest with Devourment, Putrid Pile and some other top notch brutal death bands. We're pretty excited for that.

You are from Evansville in the USA. And your 4 shows will be in this town. How is the local metal scene? What's the more listened-to metal genre?

The local metal scene here is piss poor. The scene here is mainly core/scene, but recently there has been a resurgence of metal. The most listened to genre of metal in Evansville, IN, is Deathcore, if you call that a genre of metal. But we have got quite a bit of support here locally and the shows we have done here have all been good.

You seem quite young so I suppose you're still at school. How do you cope with school and the band (rehearsals, recording, classes, homeworks...)

Well I suppose that would be a question for the other guys to answer, because yes, they are still in school. However, we seem to make time for practicing at least once a week. School hasn't really been much of a problem at this point. And we plan on recording in the summer so we can take all the time we need. It's really not much of a hassle, the way I see it.

I think you are busy composing an album. Can you already reveal some things about this album? (lyrics, artwork, recordings...)

Well we're trying to keep a lid on the details until we've got some solid, in writing plans for everything. We've picked out a studio and an artist. It will all be revealed in time. But however there are 5 songs done for the album at this point. There will be another 4 for a total of 9 songs.

When do you think we could hear it?

There may be a sampler up sometime late summer.

Which bands and which music style are a source of influence for your band? Do all the bands members have the same tastes when it comes to music?

Our main influences are Internal Suffering, Disgorge and Suffocation. We are also influenced by bands like Devourment, Meshuggah, Defeated Sanity and some others. The majority of the guys in the band are all about the brutal shit. Our lead guitar player is into a lot of the shred stuff and deathcore. But we all have a diverse collection of things we like.

This interview is almost over, one last word to say?

Thanks for the interview! Make sure to check us out if we come near your area!

Thanks for taking time to answer this interview and good luck for the future.

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mercredi 3 mars 2010

Intestinal Milkshake - GRINDELICIOUS compilation

Our Compilation called GRINDELICIOUS is available now in free downloading

Designed by Jorge - Check Around Production
Mixed by Krovx

Click here to download :
Bands :
Atrocious Abnormality
Distorted Impalement
Hybrid Viscery
Intracranial Butchery
Begging For Incest
Purulent Jacuzzi
Cephalic Impurity
Suffocate Bastard
Slam Coke

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-Hey Mike, how are you going ?
It’s a pleasure according us this interview with you.

Things are great, thanks for the interview!

-Can you briefly present us the Devourment’s line up?
What are your impressions about this?

Devourment consists of me on vocals, Ruben Rosas on guitar, Eric Park on drums and 1,000% on bass, formerly known as Captain Piss. This has been the lineup for the last 2 albums and will be on the next one as well.

-I think the band split in 1999.
Can you explain us the reasons of this?

It was a combination of things but the main reason was that Ruben Rosas, who was the vocalist for the band at the time, went to prison for 2 years. I tried to keep the band going with moderate success, but the band really didn’t get truly back together until about 2004.

-Why did you finally decided to reform the band in 2005?
Who had this idea?

It was 2004 that and Ruben and I hooked up with Eric Park, who was a perfect fit for the band since day one. Ruben and I just decided it was the right time to do it, so we wrote Butcher the Weak and recorded it in 2005. Ruben and I both attempted to resurrect the band before that, but it never really worked out.

-Mike, previously you were bassist in the band and you became the singer.
Why this changement?

When we reformed in 2004, Ruben was going to play guitar as the former guitarists Brain Wynn and Kevin Clark more or less, disappeared from contact, so we decided to forge on without them. We got our original vocalist Wayne Knupp to once again do vocals for the band, but not long after that, he decided to leave due to some problems in his personal life. We then had to decide what to do, so at a practice one day, I picked up the mic and gave it a try. I knew I would have to practice quite a bit but was confident I could pull it off. After time, it all worked out very well.

-What place do you prefer in Devourment? Vocals or bass?

Vocals for sure, less shit to carry. I also love being in control of a crowd, it’s a killer rush.

-From the beginning to today, how the band evolved?

It’s evolved tremendously. The band now as opposed to the original lineup is more focused. I wouldn’t say one is better than the other, but different for sure, without losing focus of our sound or music. We have definitely progressed as song writers, as I think any band must to succeed.

Are there some differences between it?

The main difference is the songwriters. Back then, Brain Wynn was the primary song writer. Now, the whole band really is involved which I think makes for a lot more diversity, and bonds the band members a lot tighter.

-In 2005, you made a split called “united state of goregrind” with notably Screaming afterbirth.
How did this collaboration take place?

Haha, Im not really sure to tell you the truth. They contacted us and I said sure, put Babykiller and Autoerotic Asphyxiation on for us. We ended up getting some cds as payment and the credits were even wrong for us. I thought that kind of sucked, oh well, its cool, we appreciate any support really.

-You are also designer, and you manage Jewski art. You have work for bands like Insidious Decrepancy, Abominable Putridity, Degrade, Putrid Pile, Guttural Secrete and many many more…
How did you come to make design nowadays? Do you create artworks for Devourment?

Yeah actually one of the first bands I ever did t-shirt art was Devourment, and that was before I was in the band. So of course I still do designs for Devourment. A lot of the bands I do art for are good friends of mine, and bands I really love so its great to be able to do art for them. A lot of work just comes to me. People write me on my art myspace page and I pretty much don’t turn anyone away for wok, unless the band is in the studio or on tour.

-What could we wish to Devourment in the future? How do you see the band in the time to come?

We just want to continue to play good shows, and write the music we want to play. Hopefully our fans will always be happy and supportive of what we put out. Doesn’t always work out that way unfortunately, but we always try to get across that we never intend to change our style or try to make our music more accessible. That will never happen with us.

-You’ve signed on the Brutal Bands label.
How does it work? Is it a demand from the band or the label contacted you to work together?

I actually contacted them because I heard great things about their customer service and really liked their roster of bands. Basically, when we released Butcher the Weak initially, it was self released. We made the decision to re-record Butcher the Weak, but this time wanted to get it on a label so it would get more exposure, so I contacted Brutal Bands about it and a 2 album deal was made.

-On the myspace’s page, we see a lot of “maggots” drawning.
Could you explain us the concept? Where this idea is from?
Was it something like a contest?

It’s pretty cool how that started happening. I originally drew it for the Molesting disc art. When we were working on Butcher the Weak, I planned on drawing a new one, but decided to as another artist to do his version of the design, which ended up being Studio Sho, who is one of my favorite artists. What he did was so amazing, it seemed like a great idea to get another artist to do one for Unleash the Carnivore. I contacted Dan Seagrave, who is a huge inspiration to me artistically and he agreed to do his own version. What he came up with just totally blew me away. Next I asked Mark Riddick to design one, another huge inspiration to me, and his was also incredible. So I posted those on our myspace page, and from there, artists just started submitting their own versions of it. It just became almost a project for every underground artist to do. There has been some really awesome designs and its just a really cool way to check out an artist’s interpretation of that design.

-This interview is now finished, do you want to say something more?

Thanks so much for the support, and for all you European sickos, come check us out on our tour in August!

-Thanks for the time according to us.
All the best for you and the band!

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